13 Wheel External TPMS


Product Overview

We have been able to put together a system that answers the need of so many teams - cost effective, club level TPMS with multiple wheel sets of internal sensors. To keep the price down, these sensors are numbered and tracking their location on the car is very critical! We highly suggest teams choosing a set of 3 sensors for each wheel location and saving one sensor as a spare. Mark the wheels with the sensor location and then make sure to keep the wheels in order so you have good data. 


This TPMS system easily connects to your car's data system via CAN. It monitors both tire pressure and temp, allowing you to set alarms for low or high pressure, see when operating pressures have been reached, predict hot and/or cold pressure requirements, and measure tire performance. Far more accurate that pit lane measurements, this system lets you see and analyze your on track performance. Sensor battery life is 2-3 years depending on use. Resolution is .7 psi and update frequency is every .75 seconds. The protocol is able to be edited to match sensors to  your gauge!


This system is a CAN output only. It will work with any data system that accepts CAN inputs and has availability of a CAN input. Systems such as the AiM MXL2, MXS, MXS 1.2, MXG, MXG 1.2, MXP, Evo5, Evo4s, Solo 2 DL, MoTeC C series  MoTeC ADL, Autosport Labs Race Capture, Race Technologies DL1, and more. Can profiles are available for MoTeC, AiM, and Race Capture loggers. This system does not connect to the AiM data hub!