GPS09 Pro


Product Overview

The GPS09 Pro is the highest quality, fastest updating GPS that AiM manufactures. The GPS09 Pro GNSS module that has GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo satellites at 25 Hz nav. update rate and a sensitivity of >= 160 dBm. It also features a full IMU with intelligent 9 axis orientation measuring +/- 16 G, Gyro of +/- 2000° per second, and magnetometer of +/- 133 µT. Connection is by the AiM standard male 712 5 pin Binder into your RS3 configured MXL2, MXS, MXG, Evo4s, Evo5, MXS 1.2, MXG 1.2, or MXP. 

The internal IMU allows the GPS09 Pro to utilize Dead Reckoning for improved accuracy of position, speed, and G forces. It also helps with tracks that have significant tree cover, bridges, or land slope that frequently blocks satellite signals.