GT32 Steering Wheel


Product Overview

GT32 transmits in a freely configurable CAN connection the status of the 8 pushbuttons (while 2 of them feature free contacts connections), 3 rotary switches and paddles.

Completely configurable pushbuttons:
• Momentary
• Toggle
• Multistatus


Custom backlighting
RGB LEDs can be managed through math channels according to the status of the pushbuttons and/or the feedback coming from external devices. They can be solid or blinking at a desired frequency and at the preferred light level. Finally, paddle shifts feature free contacts on a dedicated pin of the Autosport connector too. Available as an AiM expansion or as a completely standalone device.


Pushbuttons configuration
The RGB LEDs behind all 10 pushbuttons plus back-lit multi-position switches are designed to instantly find the right input in the heat of competition. Every single LED can be fully programmed via Race Studio 3; they can work as momentary, toggle or multistatus and each option can be configured depending on the length of time the button is pressed or on other conditions according to specific needs.


CAN Output
The data stream of each button can be managed in the CAN output. Through this function you can customize once more your own configuration setting up each detail: the number of bytes allocated, the data length code, byte order and the frequency from 1Hz to 100Hz.