K15 Keypad Open


Expected release date is Aug 1st 2024

Product Overview

The K8 is a compact keypad based on CAN bus protocols. It comes equipped with eight buttons that have interchangeable inserts. The K8 is water and dust resistant and can be installed inside and outside the cockpit. The red, green, amber, blue, magenta, cyan, white, and no backlight possibilities for each key, the color and insert are highly customized to the user. Each pushbutton can be configured  in momentary, toggle, or multi-status mode, and have time dependent variables. Colors of the buttons are set through the easy to use RS3 software, where the user can choose the logic that goes from a simple on/off to a multiple inputs. This also allows the lights to be simply on or blinking fast or slow. The K8 will revolutionize the integration of CAN keypads when it comes to easy of use.