Pitot Tube

$299.00 - $365.00
Usually ships within 48 hours.

Product Overview

The TrailBrake Pitot Tube setup is the best option for gaining airspeed data for many racers. Carbon Fiber Additive Manufacturing, Stainless Steel tubing, and quality semiconductor components make this sensors a tremendous value. The included M4 button socket head screw make for an easy installation on the car. Sensor options allow for high accuracy for speeds up to 127 mph, 180 mph, or 221 mph (for the speed demons!). Utilizing both a dynamic and static measurement, the system is both temperature and barometric pressure compensated. 


And why would you want airspeed data? With the airspeed data, you can see exactly how big the draft behind another vehicle is, where it starts and how large it is. For drivers with aerodynamic aids like diffusers, splitters, wings, canards, or any other measure, you really want to know how fast the cars is moving through the air. The Pitot Tube setup allows you to see the true airspeed, like you were in a wind tunnel, to determine your downforce measurements. It also allows you to have more data for testing when calculating drag and downforce using linear sensors or load cells. 


The sensors small mounting size - just 30 mm wide x 45 mm long x 47 mm high (1.2" x 1.8" x 1.9")- makes mounting on hoods or roofs easy without hindering the spaces below. For even more compact solutions, the sensor can be moved from the mount which would make the installed height just 30mm (1.25")! The small pitot tube size of 6mm and small, 4mm mounting holes make the exterior impact minor. Standard length of approx. 185mm (7.25") makes for clean air, but not excessive lengths. Custom lengths are available. 


Standard systems ship with AiM connectors, but flying leads are available as a custom order. Please note these are custom assembled and ship times can vary, but we strive for under 48 hours and will communicate with you if it's longer.