Euroamerican Engineering (Magneti Marelli)
Auto-Ware (Systems, Sensors, Engineering, Coacing)
Active Sensors (Sensors)
Ashcroft (Pressure Sensors)
VariOhm Eurosensor (Sensors)
KA Sensors (Sensors)
Position Sensors (Linear and Rotary Sensors)
Instrumentation Sensors Inc (Sensors)
Raetech (Load Cells)
Gill Sensors (Sensors)
Texense (Sensors)
Penny and Giles (Sensors)
Measurement Specialties (Sensors)
McLaren Electronics (Sensors)
Magni-Tec (Sensors)
Omega (Bare Strain Gauges and Load Cells)
Sensor-Technik UK (sensors)
First Sensors (IR Temp Sensors)
Smith Systems (Hall Effect Sensors)
Therma Motorsports (Temp Sensors)
Prag (Torque, Bending, Angle, Position Sensors)
Straintek (Bondable and Bolt on Strain Gauges)
Semip (Position Sensors and Potentiometers)
Position Sensors (Linear and Rotary Sensors)
PCB Sensors (Accelerometers, Force, and Pressure Sensors)
NovaTech (Loadcells)
Opitel-Thevon (Optical Speed Sensors)
Mag Canica (Torque Sensing)
Kulite (Pressure Transducers)
BF1 Systems (TPMS and Load Cells)
Kistler (Cylinder Pressure Sensors)
UniMeasure (string pots)
Celesco (linear, rotary, and string sensors)
The Sensor Connection (thermocouples)
Reventec (position and torque sensors)
HP Electronic (CAN IR Tire Temp and CAN to Analog Converter)
Techmore (IR sensors, laser rideheight, torque sensing, Android Integration)
StrainSense (Sensors)
US Sensor (Temp Sensors)