Alsense Wired IR Brake Temp Sensor


Product Overview

The ALS Brake Wired is an advanced multi-channel infrared brake temperature sensor with CAN connectivity. Fully configurable, 16 temperature channels / tire with a refresh rate of up to 64Hz. Comes either with an unterminated loom.


With a temp range of -40° to 1000° C and an accuracy of ± 1° C, 110° field of view, and a low 15 mA current draw, these sensors are a great value and easy to integrate on a 5-20V power supply. The small 48.5mm x 25.5mm x 12mm size makes them easy to mount and the low weight of 25 grams (.88 ounce). IP66 weather rating and operating temps of -40 to +85° C ensure that nearly any mounting location will work.


CAN 2.0A or 2.0B CAN at 500 kps (default) or 1 Mbps make connection to data systems easy and versatile. AiM XC1 configs are even provided! The supplied .5m long, 22 AWG cable with DR25 shrink make termination in your connector of choice easy.


We think you will find these sensors to be a terrific value and performer. 


You can view the most up to date manual and specs here.








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