Eclipse Linear Sensors

$275.00 - $325.00

Product Overview

The all new AiM Eclipse Linear sensor is revolutionary. Using contactless technology for no wear and limitless life, the outer body is housed in a fiberglass reinforced epoxy compound which helps with thermal stability, mechanical strength, flame resistance (it self extinguishes!), and even included an extruded carbon fiber shaft creating a light weight, strong, robust sensor. One of the most revolutionary features is the .5-4.5 volt output range, allowing uses to see open circuit faults (<100 mV) or short circuits (>4,900 mV). 

With lengths from 50mm to 250mm and available, they will fit nearly any application. Mechanical connections start with an M4x.7mm male thread to which either a quick release ball joint is attached or a rod end bearing is affixed. The electrical termination is also available in either an AiM compatible connector or flying leads. And as with any other AiM sensor, configuration is Race Studio 3 is as easy as a few clicks!