PDM32 Plug and Play Wiring Harness

PDM32 Plug and Play Harness

Product Overview

We are the only AiM supplier to offer a Plug and Play harness to connect to your PDM32, saving you hours of time building the harness yourself. The genuine AMP connectors are all terminated, booted, and heat shrunk with Raychem DR-25. The entire trunk line has 6 inches of heat shrink on it, then the 8 analog data inputs come out with shrink on each individual channel. The AiM proprietary CAN has 2 standard Binder 712 female connectors so the use of standard AiM expansions like the PDM GPS, data hubs, channel expansions, and more are plug and play. Inputs 9 through 12 are white flying leads for connection to switches, ignition, hazards, etc. The user configurable CAN1, CAN2, and LIN are blue/white flying leads for connection to ECUs, controls, or other devices. 


Power outputs are 16 AWG Tefzel wire for the half-bridge, high, and mid power outputs. The low power outputs are all 16 AWG Tefzel wire. Wires are all red in color, approx. 10' long, labeled, and ready for your routing, covering, and termination. 


Custom configurations of this harness are available and priced individually.


You can find the mating AiM PDM32 here.