$2,000.00 - $2,375.00

Product Overview

PDM8 Power Distribution Module is designed to distribute power to multiple circuits on your vehicle, easily replacing traditional fuse and relay systems.

Our PDMs, housed in an anodized billet aluminum case, are designed to handle the rigors of motorsport and include a complete professional data logger and internal dash controller.

An AiM PDM at the center of vehicle electronics will greatly simplify your wiring harness and electronics installation while providing much more control.

PDM 8 offers some interesting features, like:

  • ECU connection, for getting data from your ECU
  • Datalogging, for avoiding adding another logger to your car
  • Display controller, for easily managing a 6” or 10” display
  • Mirror camera, for easily getting a back view while you drive your car in reverse in the paddock

The PDM Kit includes:

  • New INTEGRATED Power Distribution Module
    • 4 gigabytes Datalogger
    • Dash controller
  • Dash 6” or 10”
  • GPS Module for automatic Lap Time and track position

PDM8 with 8 Medium Power Outputs of 20 Amps each.

Each output provides status feedback for open circuit, short circuit, high temperature, over current, under voltage, and over voltage. Inrush current, number of fault retries, and the time between retries are all definable.

  • All the outputs may be configurable as PWM and allow soft start/stop.
  • For every output, a multicolor LED shows the status:
    • Enabled/Disabled
    • Activated or not
    • Fault

Data Logger

An internal datalogger is available, capable of recording all the analog inputs, digital inputs, ECU channels, GPS values, Currents, status of all the Power Outputs. Here an example of what the recorded data may show, during engine cranking.

Important note: These PDMs do not come with a harness. The customer is responsible for either making one or contracting Trailbrake to have one manufactured for them in addition to the PDM.

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