Pilot-CAN v2


Product Overview

Vital Signs to CAN Interface

Pilot-CAN V2.0 is a CAN bus interface with built in ANT and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless monitoring for collection of physiological vital signs including heart rate. The system is designed to be used as a complement or replacement to the flagship Pilot-Mux. 


  • ANT(+) wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
  • CAN bus output for direct connection to motorsport data loggers
  • Monitor physiological track performance
  • Improve on-track performance and lap times

Kit Contents

The Pilot-CAN is delivered ready to be fitted to the car. The kit includes:

  • The Pilot-CAN, A robust device fitted with one DE-9 ("9 pin serial port" style) connector that powers the unit and provides CAN connectivity.
  • Driver chest-strap monitor that wirelessly sends data to the Pilot-CAN.
  • Full integration instructions.
  • Configuration software (Windows).

The Pilot-CAN requires between 5V and 24V power connection and can be run directly off a car battery. It interfaces to the car's CAN bus and delivers driver data direct to the bus. All sensors, data rates and messages can be changed using a small but powerful Windows application; as supplied, or when reconfigured, the Pilot-CAN requires no user intervention.

Data Channels

As standard, out of the box, the Pilot-CAN will deliver the following channels:

  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • R-R intervals
  • Stress index
  • Energy/Calorie burn

 Note: you can upgrade to a wearables (like the Zephyr BioHarness) that also measure breathing rate, temperature and more!