SmartyCam 3 GP

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Product Overview

SmartyCam 3 GP is for who needs external video and has very little space for installation. 


The brand new AiM Bullet-Cam features an internal battery of 1,250 mAh, 3 axis ± 16 G  accelerometer. SmartyCam 3 GP is designed to be installed out from the vehicle, it is perfectly comfortable from – 10° to + 60° Celsius and the bullet is rated IP67 waterproof, to face the most extreme condition of racing.


Featuring 2 Binder 712 female connectors plus 2 SMA female connectors, the new SmartyCam 3 GP has now a Display Port OutputTransmit data with Display Port cables can achieve a higher bandwidth than other cables. With a higher bandwidth the cable transmits more signals at the same time.

Just like its precursor, the new SmartyCam 3 doesn’t need an ECU Bridge to acquire data from your vehicle because it can be directly connected to your vehicle’s ECU.