SW4 320mm Steering Wheel


Product Overview

The latest iteration of the AiM steering wheel is far beyond any commercially available steering wheel on the market. This 320mm wheel features CAN ECU connections to over 2,000 supplied protocols along with the ability to write custom protocols along with a fully user configurable second CANbus. AiM expansions such as the Remote Input/Output, Channel Expansions, LCU-One, and TC Hubs are easily done. Onboard math channels, status variables shift lights, alarms, and a CAN output are all available too!


The wheel features 10 buttons that can display and logger positions, along with 2 analog buttons that can be passed to other devices. There are also 3 completely configurable 8 position rotary switches for more user defined selections. 


Finally, Shift Paddles are available to finish off your installation. For those wanting an easier install, there is also a vehicle side harness available.


Check out more info at here.