TPMS Unlimited


Product Overview

The TrailBrake TPMS unlimited brings professional level TPMS abilities to the Club level team and driver. Building on the popular and our industry first TPMS systems, the Unlimited allows for an unlimited number of sensor that are automatically recognized. You can expand the base 4 sensor system to 8, 12, 16, or more wheels! 


Using our sensors and tool, you can easily clone sensor IDs allowing you to expand the system to an unlimited number of wheels. The system also has the same CAN protocol as our legacy 4 channel systems, so upgrading is truly plug and play! 


And the specs - 433 Mhz, CAN messages at 1 mbit (converter boxes available for other speeds and protocols), 3 kpa pressure resolution, 1 Hz update rate, and supplied AiM .xc1 CAN protocol files and dbc, setup is easy. For AiM users, please note that these systems go on CAN1 or CAN2, not an AiM datahub. 


The base system is the receiver, 4 sensors, and wiring pigtail. You can then add sensors in groups of 4, and/or a programming hand tool. Replacement or add on sensors along with the Programming tool.