M10 Brake Fluid Temp


Product Overview

Our M10x1 brake bleeder screw with integrated K Type thermocouple. This is perfect for anyone who is having trouble with brake fade, cooling, or simply trying to "right size" their brake package. With a standard K type thermocouple and connector, you can easily use this with a single amplifier, direction connection to the dash (if supported) or through an AiM TC Hub. The specifics of the sensor include a sheathed NiCR-Ni Type K thermocouple, Inconel600 sheathing material, an insulated hot junction measuring point, 1m overall length, FEP-Teflon with Cu shield line good for up to 205C continuous temps, and the included mini-plug. 

The data from a sensor like this is second to none and offers a unique view into the performance of your brakes and the real requirements for their fluid.