Product Overview

MX UTV is a gauge designed to be plug and play with your CANAM UTV.

It samples and shows:

  • Channels coming from vehicle ECU
  •  One temperature value that can be belt or, according to ECU of your vehicle, oil temperature or oil pressure.
  • Lap time, with the precision of 1/100sec and all parameters coming from GPS and Glonass constellations: speed, position, lateral acceleration and tome of the day.

The GPS receiver has been tuned for our sport and can thereby stand all lateral and longitudinal acceleration’s, direction changes and vibrations without problems, always giving a perfect result 10 times per second (10Hz)

MX UTV uses both GPS and Glonass data to compute lap times.

In case the track in which you are racing is included in MX UTV database, it automatically recognizes it, gets the start/finish line and calculates lap times with high precision.

All the data is stored in a huge 4 GB internal memory, that can record your data for thousands of hours.

You can download the data recorded on your PC using WIFI

Download the user guide pdf: