SmartyCam 3 Dual


Product Overview

How do we explain the flagship SHCD 3 Dual? The most advanced SmartyCam made, it features dual 1920 x 1080 video at up to 60 fps through the optional 67, 84, or 120 degree lenses of the bullet cameras. The video overlay and Picture in Picture is processed real time and written to the full size SD card (up to 2 TB) and internal 64 GB SSD if equpped. Connection to AiM devices is easily handled through the 5 pin 712 Binder cable, but the internal ECU bridge make connection directly to the car's ECU or other data systems a simple 2 wire connection. With the ability to bring in external audio and have an ethernet connection, the SCHD 3 Dual is a powerhouse.


The top of the line SmartyCam 3 would not be complete with out the SMA SDI  video output port to complete the IP65 exterior. No more worrying about getting your streaming video solution wet, rain races, or anything else. Fully wind and water proof, the SmartyCam 3 Dual is the video solution for the most demanding applications. 


The SC3 Dual standard package includes the recording unit, Autosport connector harness, (2) 2m SDI cables for the bullet cameras, and 2 bullet cameras. You will need an appropriate length 5 pin CAN patch cable to complete your install. You can also get longer SDI cables for the bullet cameras here.  


The standard kit comes with the 2m SDI cables. A TrailBrake exclusive, you can also get two 4m cables to allow you more freedom in mounting the module and cameras.



AiM leading innovations include being able to resize your picture in picture window along with being able to reverse the view - no more having the sides of the video wrong!