CFE18 CAN Switchboard (analog to CAN)


Product Overview

CFE18 stands for "Can Bus Function Extension" or colloquially also "Can Switch Board" - why is this module needed?

Can bus connections in the vehicle sometimes pose great challenges for our customers. Especially in motorsport applications, when electronics have to be housed in the steering wheel and information from adjustment buttons (trimpots) or pushbuttons is then to be transmitted via Can Bus.


CANchecked now offers a small additional module with 18 connections: 9 for push buttons and 9 for analog inputs (0-5V signal). A voltage converter to ensure connection to a 12V vehicle on-board network is also already integrated. The unit also offers powerful channel smoothing for the analog inputs at 7 different levels.


With only 29x27mm, the board is kept very compact and can be placed anywhere. The pin spacing is 2.54mm - for the power supply, for safety reasons, 3.81mm.

We have made a hole for fastening, which can be used as a screw connection.


A solder jumper is attached to the circuit board. If you close this, the Can Bus termination with 120 Ohm is active. The solder jumper is OPEN by default .


One application would be a motorsport steering wheel. In the picture you can see the approximate size, whereby the steering wheel hub is 50mm in diameter. With just 4 connections via a spiral cable, a wide variety of inputs can be transmitted via Can Bus. Default config is 1mbit, Big Endian, 0x700 base address at 20 Hz. This is can be user defined through the CANchecked configuration software.


The full manual is available here

If you are interested in the power of the CFE18, already mounted in a housing with a Superseal 1.0 connector, check out the MCE18.


If you are interested in the CFE18 in a compact enclosure, check out the MFE18.