MCE18 CAN expansion(analog to CAN)


Product Overview

The MCE18 is a high quality, compact analog to CAN converter with 9 5v analog inputs and 9 digital inputs. An onboard voltage converter supplies 5v for the sensors and their are optional CAN termination and pull up resistors for analog inputs 1&2, and analog inputs 6&7.


The box measures just 3.26" x 3.2" x 1.8" and weights just 98 grams! The Amp Superseal 1.0 connector makes for an easy wiring connection to your sensors and ecu/logger. The high power motherboard offers in device smoothing. Standard CAN configuration is 1 mbit, Big Endian, with base address 0x700, but it is able to be changed by the user with the CANchecked software. 


Included in the package is the MCE18, Superseal 34 pin connector (TE 4-1437290-0), 20 AWG Superseal 1.0 pins (TE-3-1447221-4), and 3 jumpers. An AiM xc1 CAN configuration file is provided along with a dbc file for use with any system. 


If you are interested in just the power of the board without the housing, check out the CFE18.